Sunday, 19 September 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

Next Askew Show

We are very excited about the upcoming show on September 24th at The Lewisham Arthouse on Lewisham Way 'Wild, Wicked and Wanton'. Its part of the Deptford X so there are loads of events happening in the area. Artist Mark Titchner will be showing a text piece outside on the same night.

More info on artists showing and invite coming soon!!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Askew in The Garden of Desire

Invite by Matt Burden

On the 25th March 2010 Askew took over the top room of the pub The Castle on Commercial Road and staged a night of film, performance, painting and sculpture- Askew in The Garden of Desire. Thanks to all came and we are looking forward to organising the next one!
Below are some images of the night.
Photos courtesy of Maria Alejandra Huicho

Brian Dawn Chalkley and David A. Smith

Siân Hislop

John Wild and the Church of the Computer

Mark McGowan

Maria Alejandra Huicho

Jeremy Willett

Gabriel Bissett-Smith

Laura Ximena Carlé

Kimathi Donkor

Vanessa Mitter

James Andrew Gardiner

David A. Smith

Lord Byron

Matt Burden

Colin Clarke

Vanessa Mitter

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Askew in The Garden of Desire

The next Askew event- One night of art, performance and film in The Castle on 44 Commercial Road, E1 1LN. It is on the 25th March and starts at 6.30pm.. see the invite:

Invite by Matt Burden

Artists involved:

O. B. De Alessi
Dan Austin
Joshua Y Barbo
Laura Ximena Carlé
Brian Dawn Chalkley
Haeree Haley Cho
Colin Clark
Jackie Clark
David Cochrane
Kimathi Donkor
Luke Drozd
Ralph Dunn and Toni Batey
Kris Emmerson
Rita Evans
Corinne Felgate
Amanda Francis
Daniele Geminiani
Alex Glen
Repent Harlequin
Mair Hughes
Maria Alejandra Huicho
Gemini Kim
Michael Lawton
Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski
Lindsey Mapes
Paul McCann
Séamus McCormack
Sophie McDonald
Mark McGowan
Vanessa Mitter
Morgan De Morgan
Ethan Nechin
Colm O' Reilly
Nicki Rolls
Hyemin Park
Andrew Salgado
Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Chen Tianzhuo
Adam Tudor
Bea Turner
Graham Turner
Fraser Watson
John Wild and the Church of the Computer
Jeremy Willett

ASKEW are:

Lisa Brown
Jenny Gordon
Siân Hislop
Fiona Whitty
David A. Smith


Invite by Matt Burden

Photography by Maria Alejandra Huicho

Laura X Carle

Chrissy Hazell

Sian Hislop

Kris Emmerson

Matt Burden

Ula Dajerling

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

A one night event of art, performance and film at The Dolphin, Mare Street, London, July 2009.

Some of the work:

Some participants:

Benny de Alessi doing her Michael Jackson performance

The audience mesmerised by Benny's Michael Jackson perfomance

Brian Chalkley after winning a lovely sculpture