Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Askew in The Garden of Desire

Invite by Matt Burden

On the 25th March 2010 Askew took over the top room of the pub The Castle on Commercial Road and staged a night of film, performance, painting and sculpture- Askew in The Garden of Desire. Thanks to all came and we are looking forward to organising the next one!
Below are some images of the night.
Photos courtesy of Maria Alejandra Huicho

Brian Dawn Chalkley and David A. Smith

Siân Hislop

John Wild and the Church of the Computer

Mark McGowan

Maria Alejandra Huicho

Jeremy Willett

Gabriel Bissett-Smith

Laura Ximena Carlé

Kimathi Donkor

Vanessa Mitter

James Andrew Gardiner

David A. Smith

Lord Byron

Matt Burden

Colin Clarke

Vanessa Mitter

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